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If you are a journalist and need someone who can speak knowledgeably and fluently about your Beatles related story then we are the people to talk to. We have been an “expert” face of Beatles knowledge and fan related stories in the media for over two decades, with many appearances on local and national TVs, radio and Newspapers.

General Press Statement – free to use

steve holmes beatlesdays beatles expertSteve Holmes and Gloria Walmsley run The Beatlesdays website and the Beatles Roadshows. Steve’s knowledge of almost 50 years of The Beatles is second to none, and he has been called upon by Beatles Authors, the Press and TV numerous times over the last quarter of a century. Steve and Gloria are life-long Beatles fans, their knowledge has meant that they have worked closely alongside landmark Liverpool Beatles companies for example The Cavern City Tours & the Magical Mystery Tour.

Being in front of the camera is second nature for Steve and Gloria with appearances as knowledgeable experts on all aspects of Beatles history. Also they have been called to comment on and lend their encyclopedic knowledge on many of the Beatles related news stories over the years. Their on-screen appearances cross many of the major TV channels Europe-wide and include all the prestigious UK Channels. They are brought in often in the local news circuit for local Beatles stories and especially to help advertise the roadshows that they organise around the country. Radio and Magazine interviews of all levels are common place for this duo and are of course too numerous to mention here.

media infoThe Beatles Roadshows have toured all over the UK, Europe and the USA over the last 25 years. Every weekend the Beatlesday’s “Yellow Submarine” hits the road. At the shows members of the public are invited to bring along their Beatles items and memorabilia for a free valuation in an Antique “Rock” Roadshow style event. Often prominent guests and friends are present to really bring the Beatles history to life. They also display and sell one of the largest collections of Beatles items in the UK, [records, cds, books, memorabilia etc.

For more detailed information please contact Steve and Gloria, they will be happy to discuss your requirements for any media appearance you may have planned.